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My character is very light and quite changeable. But the constant features of my character - kindness, responsiveness, loyalty. I have an iron patience, but there are some situations in which my patience is zero. My uniqueness is in my understanding and in my faith. I believe in miracles, I'm dreamy, even a little naive. I can listen and understand people. 


Way to good start : I really like communication, learning something new. I like people's sincerity, courage, and boldness. I love animals. I like vanilla ice cream, bubble gum candy, coffee - I love coffee. I like daisies and wildflowers. I like books, especially science fic 

You should not : I don't like people's indifference, lack of humanity,negligence, cynicism, arrogance, and most importantly - I can't stand lies. I don't like the day of the week - Monday. Mushrooms, seafood, and persimmons don't excite me at all. 

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